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EJ’s Profootball Pick’ems                             Playoff Scoring 


EJ’s Profootball Pickems is a pickem game with a twist. Anybody can guess who wins a game week to week, but by how much.  Its not your typical point spread that each player has to overcome.  The player chooses the spread.

Who wants to go against some number a bookie in Vegas made up?  The spread in EJ’s Proofootball Pickems lets you decide, while you compete against each other.  The game is not your typical office pool bet. Your going threw the regular season and the playoffs just like the NFL.  What you do in the regular seasons puts you in position for the playoffs.  Except here everyone makes the playoffs. Off course its easier to win the championship being in first place going into the 2nd season than in last place. However, everyone still has a shot to win no matter how bad you did in the regular season, its still possible to win it all in the playoffs because the points are magnified.

** An excel attachment will be sent out every week to your email

    with that weeks games. As well as the results from the previous week. Simply fill out the column under your name

and send the attachment back to ejsprofootballpics@yahoo.com  or postmaster@ejsprofootballpics.com **make sure your name is some where on your email either in the body or in the email address.

Or pics can be texted into 330-322-6179,  be sure to place your name on the text

Stating the team name and the points.


For example : Cleveland at Pittsburgh all you will need to say on the

Voice mail is Pittsburgh by 6.


Ø    All picks must be in by 12:00 pm et every Sunday. 

Ø    For special games, which are played during the week, the picks just for those games must be in 1 hr before game time. 

Ø    The player must pick the winner of each game as well as the margin of victory you think the winning team will win by.



Ø    For each correct pick the players receives 10 points per win.

Ø    If the player picks correctly the winner and the exact margin of victory by the winning team they will receive an additional 10 point bonus.

Ø    If the player picks the correct winner and is within 2 points of hitting the margin of victory they will receive a 3 point bonus.

Ø    If the player picks the correct winner and is within 6 points of hitting the margin of victory they will receive a 1 point bonus.

Ø    If there is a tie in points for the winner, the person with the most wins between the players involved in the tie gets the victory.  If the wins doesn’t decide it then rating, then bonus hit.  If there still is a tie each player gets credited with a win. 

Example :  St. Louis 17

                    Miami 10

Player 1 > picked St. Louis by 7 so player 1 receives 20 points. 10 points for  the win and 10 for the bonus.


Player 2 > picked Miami player 2 receives no points.

Player 3 > picked St. Louis by 6 so player 3 receives 13 points, 10 points for                     win and a 3 point bonus for missing the margin by one.

Player 4 > picked St. Louis by 11, player 4 receives 11 points, 10 points for                     win and 1 point for guessing the margin within 6.


Playoff Scoring 

Ø    Everyone makes the playoffs. Your points are accumulated, your regular season points carry over to the playoffs.  Then the end of season bonus’ are added to your regular season totals.

Everyone in playoffs still has a shot to win it all, but it will be even more difficult depending on your regular season finish.

The person with the most points has the best odds, and the person in last has the worst. 

Example:  Player who finishes 21st overall scores 700 points in the playoffs and the player who finished 15th overall scores 700 points also.  The player ranked 15th would finish higher than the 21st ranked player. 


Example 2:  The Player ranked 1st finished the regular season with 2,100 points and the player ranked 2nd finished with 2,050 points. In the playoffs #1 scores  750 and #2 scores 802, the #2 ranked player would finished higher than the #1 Player.

Ø    Pickems  - Our playoffs starts with the NFL Playoffs.  But, in the playoffs the scoring is doubled compared to our regular season 20 points per win with a chance to score up to 20 bonus points.

Ø    Tree Points – Also for the playoffs each player is required to fill out the playoffs brackets.  Your attempting to predict the whole playoffs before they start.  Very similar to the NCAA Brackets.  This is usually where the championship is won. 

Ø    Tree Points -      40 points for each team you have correct in the 2nd round   

 80 points for teams in the Conference Championship

160 points for choosing the teams in the Super Bowl

400 points for picking the Superbowl Winner.


End of Season Bonuses

Ø    The player with the most points at the end of the season will receive a 100 point bonus.  If multiple winners each winner receives 100 points.

Ø    100 point bonus given out to the conference winners.

Ø    50 point bonus to each division winner.

Ø    The player with the most wins will also receive a 100 point bonus.  If  Multiple winners the points will be divided equally.

Ø    50 and 25 points bonuses for most wins within conference and division.

Ø    25 point bonuses to the player’s with the highest point total for one week, wins totals and highest ranking. 

Ø    10 points awarded to each player for each round they won within the division.

Ø    20 points for each conference round won.                                                

 >  30 points for each league round won.

Ø    100 points awarded to the player with the most playoff wins.

Ø    50 points awarded for the most playoff points.


Divisional and Conference Play

> Division and conference play is optional.  Depending upon the # of players in each league.  Each division should at least consist of 4 players.  Generally the league is more effective with 4-6 divisions and 2 conferences.

Ø    You must have at least 8 players to have more than one division.


Facts and Tidbits

Ø    Ratings  - for each week the league gives a player a rating for their pick performance. The Rating is calculated by The # of wins for the week divided by the total # of games, multiplied by 75, plus the number of points you scored for the week.                  Rating is mainly used as a tie-breaker, if there are numerous players that have the same points for a week but different win totals.  Generally rating rewards the actual win over the bonus.


Winning a round

Rounds are won each week, generally the player with most points for a week wins the round. If a tie the player with the most wins gets the round.  If that doesn’t decide it, than it’s a tie a both players get the bonus for the round. 


-         Divisional win, a divisional win consist of having more points than each player in your divisional for one week. 

-         Conference win is the same but you have more points than all of the players in your conference ,

-         League win is the highest point total in the whole league also called round win.

-   If a tie occurs for the division, conference or League all players tied get the full bonus points .