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Playoff Bracket - Fill out a Bracket very similar to the NCAA Tournament

printable bracket click hereCheck Out the Players individual brackets down below


  Playoff Bracket The 2009-10 NFL Playoffs

Round 1
Round 2 
Round 3

#5 Green Bay   11 - 5
#4 Arizona
NFC Championship
#4 Arizona        10 - 6
#1 New Orleans


 New Orleans

#6 Philadelphia 11 - 5
#3 Dallas

Super Bowl  Winner
#3 Dallas           11 - 5
#2  Minnesota

 New Orleans  New Orleans  


#5 NY Jets           9 -7
#6 Baltimore
AFC Championship
#4 Cincinnati     10 - 6
#1 Indianapolis
 NY Jets



#6 Baltimore          9-7
#5 NY Jets

#3 New England   10 -6
#2 San Diego

    40 pts each   80 pts each   160 pts each 400 pts  

**The Saints and Colts will play the lowest remaining seed in round 2

example:  If Baltimore wins they will automically go to Indianapolis because, Indianpolis gets the lowest seed  
example 2: If New England wins they automatically go to San Diego because they are the highest seed to advance
And Indianapolis can't play the highest seed.


      Playoff Points          

Classic Division                          Zion Division                       Cuyahoga  Division

Ennis James                          Tyrone Hinton                   Damon Thomas

Sean Harris                           Byron Chavers                   Eric Clark

Nathan Stokes                       Reggie Coats                    Darrell Nelson

Kenneth James                      Jevon Woods                    Daniel Simmons

Sean Watkins                        Dennis Walker                  Melinda Baldwin

Isaac Norris                          Sergio Jones                     Stuart Sayler

Ameer Harris                         Mike Debose                     DJ

Summit Division                       Old Fedex Division                Fedex Division

Jamie Norris                          Derek Taylor                      Rich Metz

Jason Kidd                            Mike Rose                          Terry Williams

Lorans Jones                         Guy Chiappone                   Tim Bushner

Derek Arnold                         Brian Manda                       Marquia Hayes

Fred Walker                          Chris Finnicum                    Aaron Wilkinson

Ashley Hettendorf                  Rick Miller                          William Lane

Davonna Calhoun                   Jamie Warfield                    Steven Lones